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Train Instructors and Mechanics 

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Training Muslim women combats economic inequalities


“I hadn’t worked for more than 7 years due to bringing up my kids…” Salma

Help us train more Muslim women as Cycle Instructors and Mechanics to empower individuals and communities!


Women are significantly underrepresented in the world of cycling. In addition to this, Muslim women face barriers to employment, with only

28% of Muslim women in employment compared to 51% of the overall female population. 


Training as  a Cycle Instructor or Mechanic can lead to flexible employment opportunities which can suit mums and women with caring and other responsibilities and enable them to earn money for themselves and their families.  


Training Muslim women makes the cycling
world more representative

Our trained Cycle Instructors and Mechanics act as role models within their local communities. They help to make cycling more accessible by offering services which meet the needs of other Muslim women.  


Their success and achievements inspire other women and girls to pursue their passions and aspirations, creating a ripple effect of empowerment and positive change.


By donating to train more Muslim women as Cycle Instructors and Mechanics, you are not only transforming an individual’s life, you are also investing in making cycling more inclusive for Muslim women and their families. 

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