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Support a Muslim Woman to Learn to Cycle

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It’s never too late to learn!


“They helped me to cycle - as a full grown adult it can be embarrassing to get up and learn. No judgement, lots of patience and kindness, and guess what - I can now pedal and balance!”  Rabia

There are stark inequalities in access to cycling and physical activity, particularly among women


Muslim women may face barriers such as a lack of confidence or skills, little to no representation or experiences of racism and Islamophobia. Additionally, some women might have missed out on the chance to learn to cycle during their childhood, but it’s never too late! 

An investment in healthier communities

Cycle Sisters' lessons are delivered by female Muslim instructors. This creates a supportive and inclusive learning environment where women see themselves represented and know their needs will be met.  Through Cycle Sisters, women of all backgrounds and ages have learnt to ride a bike. 

“Exercise was never part of my upbringing and the thought of riding in the community scared me. I was not confident to cycle on the roads so booked a lesson with one of Cycle Sisters’ instructors who I immediately felt comfortable with. I now feel much safer and confidently use my bike to cycle for commuting and running errands.”  Sana


By donating to support Muslim women to access cycle lessons, you are investing in empowering women and improving health and wellbeing.  By breaking down barriers to cycling, we’re not just teaching an essential life skill; we’re investing in confident, healthy and connected communities.  

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