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Train a Ride Leader


Training women changes communities

Muslim women face barriers to leadership roles within both wider society and Muslim institutions.


Cycle Sisters trains Muslim women as Ride Leaders who act as role models.  They promote cycling and physical activity in their communities and help to make cycling more inclusive.  


By donating to train a Ride Leader, you’re providing access to new skills that boost confidence and improve employability. But the impact of your support doesn’t end at changing one person’s life for the better. 


Training Ride leaders means investing in building female role models and leaders within our communities. It means reaching and empowering more women to improve their health and wellbeing.  


"73% of women never ride a bike and only 11% of ethnic minority groups cycle regularly." 

Supporting volunteers strengthens communities

“I wanted to become a Ride Leader to help other women like me have the confidence to cycle... ” Rabia

Volunteers and community are at the heart of Cycle Sisters! Our weekly group rides, and the life-changing impact they have on the women who join, would not be possible without the dedicated Ride Leaders who devote their time to giving back to their local communities. 


Almost all of our volunteer Ride Leaders started their cycling journeys through Cycle Sisters – women like Rabia, who before joining Cycle Sisters had never felt represented in cycling. 


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