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Cycle Lessons



Learning to ride on roads


Advanced cycle skills

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We have a team of qualified female instructors offering free 1-to-1 or small group cycle lessons in the boroughs where our Cycle Sisters groups operate.


Most other London boroughs also offer free cycle training as do some local authorities outside London so check your local council website (you may be able to request a female instructor).


We deliver Bikeability, the national cycle training programme,  which helps you work towards developing skills and confidence for cycling on the roads. Whether you are a complete beginner who can't yet balance, or a regular cyclist looking to improve your skills, the sessions are tailored to your individual abilities and goals - there is something for everyone!

You can choose from:

Learn to cycle in a safe, off-road environment:

  • Preparing for a journey

  • Checking your cycle is ready for a journey

  • Setting off and stopping

  • Pedalling (including controlling speed, turning, looking behind and signalling)

Improve your cycling skills and confidence on quiet roads:

  • Choosing suitable riding positions

  • Sharing the road and communicating with other road users

  • Negotiating junctions and roundabouts

  • Identifying hazards and managing risks

  • Using cycle infrastructure

Perfect your cycling techniques on busier, more complex roads:

  • Passing queuing traffic and using junctions controlled by traffic lights

  • Using multi-lane roads

  • Riding on roads with speeds above 30mph

  • Planning a journey and using route planning apps

  • Riding at night

Book a lesson

To find out more about booking a cycle lesson please contact   Don't forget to let us know which borough you are based in.  

“They helped me to cycle - as a full grown adult it can be embarrassing to get up and learn. No judgement, lots of patience and kindness, and guess what - I can now pedal and balance!” Rabia

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