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Stella Creasy
MP for Walthamstow

“In a very diverse area of London, Cycle Sisters has been essential in terms of ensuring equality of opportunity for the large Muslim community - the opportunity for all to access cycling, to access green spaces and to benefit from the infrastructure changes happening and making the borough a better place to live. Indeed, Cycle Sisters has made a visible difference - there are noticeably more Muslim women on bikes which challenges stereotypes and therefore has a wider impact on the community.”

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Amy Foster

London Cycling Campaign

"I've worked with Cycle Sisters on different events and workshops and am always grateful for the wealth of experience they bring.  They are fantastic at sharing their expertise in creating inclusive and diverse community projects and are excellent at supporting change for others. What they have achieved with Cycle Sisters is amazing and truly transformative for anyone they work with. Thank you!"


Will Norman
London's Walking & Cycling Commissioner

"Transport for London has supported the work of Cycle Sisters through it’s walking and cycling grants programme and this funding could not be going to a more inspiring organisation. Cycling is, in my opinion, the best way to get around London. It’s fast, free, environmentally friendly and always interesting. Cycle Sisters is not just improving the lives of those who take up cycling, but it’s making London a greener, cleaner, healthier and happier city for everyone."

Alex Cuppleditch
Head of Volunteering

Cycling UK

“Cycling UK would like to congratulate Cycle Sisters on the exceptional cycling group they created within their local community. Not only have they developed a lasting group and dedicated pool of volunteers but they have also brought a really vibrant activity to the local community of Waltham Forest and beyond. We are privileged to be part of their journey and support them to achieve the outcomes that they are working towards, alongside being grateful they are working towards our organisational mission of getting a million more people cycling”

Michael Corden
Head of Training
Cycle Confident & BikeRight

"At Cycle Confident our mission is to empower more people to cycle with confidence; our work with Cycle Sisters has enabled us to achieve that mission and more. Sarah and her group of committed, passionate Cycle Sisters have extended the reach of cycling and physical activity into communities that have often faced challenges in accessing these opportunities. They are making a difference and we look forward to working with them and supporting their development wherever we can."


Alix Stredwick

CarryMe Bikes CIC

“We've worked with Cycle Sisters in our own community work and they’ve been a real inspiration for reaching out to the Muslim communities in our area. They've done fantastic work helping Muslim women get active and showing them that they CAN ride bikes to get from A to B and for fun and leisure purposes. We have been inspired by the things they have achieved and the positivity and 'can do' attitude that is so inclusive and welcoming.”

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Aisha Desai
Head of Community


"A cornerstone of our work at Algbra is to empower communities and propel them towards their full potential. Cycle Sisters do just that! Through no fault of their own, many women, particularly those from ethnic minorities, have been left out of the cycling conversation, and Cycle Sisters challenged that. They have succeeded in creating an open, welcoming, and encouraging environment for women to gain confidence on two wheels and two fronts: on the road and in their daily lives. We’re proud to be part of the Cycle Sisters journey and look forward to supporting them as they grow."

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