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Our Impact

We regularly hear incredible stories from women about how learning to cycle has changed their lives or how our rides have had a hugely positive impact on physical or mental well-being. 

Check out our Sisters' Stories.  

Impact Report 


Each year we conduct an annual impact survey of our members to help us understand the impact that our led rides have. In our latest survey:

  • 92% have improved physical and mental health

  • 85% feel less lonely and isolated 

  • 90% feel more confident

  • 52% use their car less 

  • 46% say that their family cycles more 

Download our latest Annual Impact report here.

External Evaluation 


In 2021, with the support of London Marathon Foundation, we commissioned Esther Anaya-Boig, independent researcher, to undertake a 2 year evaluation of Cycle Sisters' model and outcomes which was published in September 2023.


Esther compared data from rider registration forms and follow up surveys and also conducted interviews with Ride Leaders and participants. Her findings give an invaluable and detailed insight into the impact of our work - who we reach, the benefits and outcomes of our led rides as well as some suggestions for the future.


In summary, the research found that after attending led rides: 

  • Bike ownership increased

  • Cycling frequency and distance increased

  • Perception of cycling confidence and safety increased

  • Levels of self confidence and life satisfaction increased

  • More than two thirds of riders have inspired family members and friends to cycle

Download the full External Evaluation report here.

“Cycle Sisters is not just improving the lives of those who take up cycling, but it’s making London a greener, cleaner, healthier and happier city for everyone."

Will Norman, London's Walking & Cycling Commissioner

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