Smiles & Miles

Record your miles and share your smiles 

Cycle Sisters' Smiles & Miles challenge aims to motivate you and your family to keep cycling during the lockdown.  This challenge is all about supporting and inspiring each other to keep active and keep our spirits up during this difficult time.

The challenge runs for 6 weeks from 18th January - 28th February 2021. You'll set a personal mileage goal to work towards and record all your rides on Strava.  


For a bit of added motivation, there'll be prizes to recognise your amazing achievements!

There will be certificates for every participant who achieves their personal mileage goal plus the following prizes:

  • Individual with highest miles - over 18s 

  • Individual with highest indoor miles - over 18s

  • Individual with the highest miles - 13-17s year olds

  • Cycle Sisters Ride Leader with highest miles

  • Certificate for the Cycle Sisters group with the highest miles

  • Most interesting route

  • Best photo - over 18s

  • Best photo - 13-17 year olds

  • Best family photo

  • Most inspiring cycling story

For more information and to register click here.  

Enjoy being out on your bike, keep smiling and good luck! We can’t wait to hear how you get on.

Don't forget to share your smiles using #smilesandmiles.


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