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Activewear Brand LYRA Modest Partners With Cycle Sisters

Muslim women modest swimwear
Cycle Sisters Swimming in LYRA Modest Swimwear

Activewear brand, LYRA Modest, has partnered with Cycle Sisters to support our Tri Sisters project.

The partnership will focus on providing women only swimming lessons and open water sessions across London. 

Muslim women have the lowest sports participation rates of all faith groups. According to Sport England, 93% of Asian adults and 95% of black adults do not swim which reflects the huge inequalities in access.

Tri Sisters is a Cycle Sisters’ project which aims to support Muslim women to participate in triathlon (swim, bike, run). Currently only 2% of British Triathlon's members are from ethnically diverse backgrounds and we want to see more representation from our communities.

Through this partnership with LYRA Modest, we aim to promote equality and inclusion in swimming and support women to participate in swimming and triathlon events.

“Muslim women may experience a number of barriers to swimming such as cost, limited culturally-inclusive opportunities and facilities and a lack of role models.

That is why we’re so excited to be partnering with LYRA Modest, who are not only supporting our women only swimming lessons across London, but are also providing free swimwear suits to women who need it.” Sarah Javaid, Cycle Sisters Founder and CEO

“I never had the opportunity to learn to swim as a child and now that my children are all grown up I’ve taken swimming lessons for the first time ever with Cycle Sisters. I’m so proud to be part of an organisation like Cycle Sisters that gives women like myself lots of opportunities whether it’s cycling, running or swimming” Fatima 

Muslim women in swimming pool with modest swimwear
Cycle Sisters testing out their new LYRA Modest swimsuits

"My world has gotten way bigger now. It started with cycling but now I am part of Tri Sisters and training for a triathlon. I would never have thought of doing something so wild in my life!" Priya

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